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SPLASH:  Hal is walking away from Carol’s late-model sports car, toward a building made of stone.  A tractor beam from his ring is pulling the mutant along behind him.  Carol is closing the car’s trunk, in which they’ve transported the mutant here  A sign on the building’s lawn reads, Ferris Winery.

1. CAROL:  This is probably the safest place you could find.  

PANEL 1:  Hal and Carol are entering an anteroom that gives access to a wine cellar.  The room is furnished like an office.  Carol has just turned on the light.  The beam from Hal’s ring is bringing the mutant along behind them.

1. CAROL:  This cellar hasn’t been used in years.

PANEL 2:  Carol is unlocking the door to the cellar as Hal looks behind him at the mutant.  

2. HAL:  That thing looks like a Wall Street financier.

PANEL 3: Carol has opened the door, and Hal is using his beam to move the mutant inside.  The cellar is full of empty racks.

3. CAROL:  Maybe you should cut an opening at the bottom on the door so I can push food inside.

4. HAL:  That’s a good idea.

PANEL 4:  The door is now closed and Hal is using a beam from his ring to cut a triangular opening at the bottom.

Silent panel.

PANEL 5:  Two-shot on Hal and Carol.

5. HAL:  Does anybody ever come in here?

6. CAROL:  No.  I don’t think even Dad has a key to it,

PANEL 6:   Hal is bending over a bit, looking pained.

7. HAL:  We need to get to the emergency room.

PANEL 1:  Hal and Carol are approaching Carol’s car.

1. CAROL:  There’s no toilet in there.

2. HAL:  I guess it’ll have to make do without one.

PANEL 2:  Hal and Carol are getting into the car.

3. CAROL:  What are you going to do with it?

4. HAL:  I might have to put it back where I found it.  

PANEL 3:  Hal and Carol are in the car, and Carol is closing her door.

5. CAROL:  Do you think they’re intelligent?

6. HAL:  No.  They seem like automatons.  This one had a radio device around its neck that I deactivated.  Maybe they get instructions through them.

PANEL 4:  Carol is backing the car out into the road.  The view is from above and behind the car, so that she and Hal are not visible.

7. CAROL:  What’ll I feed it?

8. HAL:  Raw fish, I guess.  

PANEL 5:  On Hal, favoring his ring.  

9. HAL’S RING:  My analysis of the mutant sharks is complete.  They’re far more intelligent than humans, and are fully capable of having created the fuel that’s being produced at the refinery.  

10. HAL:  Well.  That certainly complicates matters.

PANEL 6:  A view of them through the windshield.

11. HAL’S RING:  Your swelling is extensive.

12. CAROL:  I’m hurrying.

PANEL 1:  Hammond is standing on a dock on his residential island, speaking to TWO CREWMEN who are on the deck of a boat.

1. HAMMOND:  Mr. Kamalku has decided to stay overnight with me.  You gentlemen just make your regular run without him.

2. FIRST CREWMAN:  Yes sir.

PANEL 2:  The crewmen are preparing to pull away from the dock

3. SECOND CREWMAN:  That’s funny.  Right after we left the mainland he told me he had had a fight with his girlfriend and wanted to get back as soon as he could, to try to make up with her.

PANEL 3:  On Hammond.

4. HAMMOND:  Apparently he found my gasoline more interesting than his girlfriend. I can’t say I blame him for that.

PANEL 4:  The boat is moving away from the dock.

5. HAMMOND:  Pick me up some more of those Cuban cigars, Jim.  I enjoyed the ones you gave me.

6. SECOND CREWMAN:  I sure will, Mr. Hammond.

PANEL 5:  Hammond is standing on the dock and looking down toward the water at three of the mutants, who have surfaced just beside the dock and are looking up at him.  In the background, the boat is moving out to sea.

Silent panel.

PANEL 6:  Hammond watches as the mutants swim after the boat.

Silent panel.

PANEL 1:   The boat is out at sea now.  Two of the mutants are climbing up over the side, unseen by the crewmen.

Silent panel.

PANEL 2:  The mutants have grabbed the crewmen and are struggling with them.  One mutant is jumping overboard with a crew member.

Silent panel.

PANEL 3:  Below the surface, the two mutants are holding the struggling crewmen under, drowning them.

Silent panel.

PANEL 4:  The third mutant is pounding on the hull, splintering it, as the first two mutants continue drowning the crewmen.

Silent panel.

PANEL 5:  A interior view of the boat from below deck.  Water is rushing through the hole that the mutant has beaten in the hull.

Silent panel.

PANEL 6:  An underwater view of the three mutants.  They’re swimming away, as the boat sinks and the bodies of the crewmen float away.

Silent panel.

PANEL 1:  Codge and Snapper are sitting in Codge’s office, facing each other across Codge’s desk.  

1. CODGE:  Come on, Snapper.  You don’t really believe that, do you?

PANEL 2:  Close on Snapper.

2. SNAPPER:  If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it either.  But my grandmother said it would work, and it did.

PANEL 3:  Codge gestures dismissively.

3. CODGE:  Snapper, you can’t speak some magic words and make an age spot disappear.

4. SNAPPER:  They’re not magic words.  They’re a formula.

PANEL 4:   Closeup of Codge.  He has an age spot on one cheek.

5. CODGE:  Well, while you’re at it, why don’t you speak a formula to increase my salary here?

PANEL 5:  Favoring Snapper.

6. SNAPPER:  It only works on age spots and warts.

7. CODGE:  All right, tell it to go away.

PANEL 6:  Snapper is pointing toward Codge’s cheek.

8. SNAPPER:  Blemish flee and don’t be slow, for I have conjured you to go.

PANEL 1:   Favoring Codge.

1. CODGE:  All right.  Now what?

2. SNAPPER:  Nothing.  We just wait.

PANEL 2:   Codge has placed two fingertips on the age spot.

3. CODGE:  How long does it take?

PANEL 3:   Carl Ferris is standing in the doorway and looking in on them.

4. CARL:  Codge, may I see you out here?

PANEL 4:  Codge has gotten up and is walking toward the doorway.

5. SNAPPER:  It might be gone by the time you get back.

PANEL 5:  Snapper is looking through the doorway at Carl and Codge, who are talking.  Carl looks grim, and Codge looks alarmed.

Silent panel.

PANEL 6:  Snapper has stepped into the doorway and is watching Carl and Codge walk away down the hall.  Carl’s arm is around Codge’s shoulder, and Codge’s head is bowed.

Silent panel.

PANEL 1:  In a doctor’s office at a hospital, A DOCTOR is giving Hal an injection with a hypodermic needle while A NURSE looks on.  Hal is shirtless.

1. DOCTOR:  This will take the swelling down.  That was the main worry.  And I’m writing you a prescription for a pain killer.  You can get it filled at our pharmacy here.

PANEL 2:   Favoring the doctor.

2. DOCTOR: You need to sleep on your other side with an ice pack resting on the area. And you need to avoid strenuous physical activity for six weeks.  You should tape the ice pack to your body so it won’t slide off while you’re asleep.

3. HAL: You’re telling me I’m going to live?

PANEL 3:  The nurse is leaving the room.

4. DOCTOR: If you can avoid any more injuries like that.  What happened, anyway?

5. HAL:  I slipped while I was taking a shower.

PANEL 4:  The doctor bends close to examine the bruising.

6. DOCTOR:  That’s not what it looks like.  It looks someone hit you with a baseball bat or something like that.  If you were assaulted, you need to report it to the police.

6. HAL:  No, I slipped in the shower.

PANEL 5:  Favoring Hal.

7. DOCTOR:  That’s your story and you’re sticking to it, huh?

8. HAL:  That’s what happened.

PANEL 6:  Favoring the doctor.

9. DOCTOR:  All right, Mr. Jordan.  You can put your shirt back on.  But I hope whoever did this to you isn’t still running around out there.  And that you haven’t harmed anyone.

10. HAL: Nobody got hurt but me.

PANEL 1:   A PHARMACIST in a pharmacy window at the hospital is handing Hal a small paper bag.

1. PHARMACIST:  The doctor gave you no refills on the prescription.

2. HAL:  Good.  I don’t like that stuff anyway.

PANEL 2:  Hal is signing a receipt left-handed.  

3. HAL:  I’ll have to sign this with my left hand.  My right arm is pretty useless.  How do I get out of here?

4. PHARMACIST:  Walk to your left and follow the signs to the waiting room.  You can exit from there.

PANEL 3:  Hal is entering the waiting room.  About A DOZEN PEOPLE are seated there.  Carol is staring out of a window,

Silent panel.

PANEL 4:  Carol has gotten up and is running toward Hal, looking very upset.

5. CAROL:  You were gone for so long.

5. HAL:  Yes I was, wasn’t I?  It’s a good thing I wasn’t dying.

PANEL 5:  Close on Carol.  She’s crying.

6. HAL: What’s wrong?

7. CAROL:  The boat Tom was coming back on sank.  The Coast Guard thinks he might be dead.

PANEL 6:   Carol is holding Hal’s hands.

8. CAROL:  They’ve found the bodies of the two crew members.  The water is cold, and that area is full of sharks.

PANEL 1:  Hammond is walking TWO DETECTIVES toward a police helicopter that’s sitting on a landing pad.

1. HAMMOND:  Those men have wonderful families.  All of my employees are well insured, so at least they’ll be properly provided for. I hope the same is true for Mr. Kamalku.  If not, I’ll be glad to help his family financially.

PANEL 2:  The detectives are getting into the copter.  A PILOT is inside waiting for them.

2.  HAMMOND:  I don’t understand what the boat could have hit to sink it.  I’m thinking it was probably an explosive device in the water.

PANEL 3:  A view from inside the copter looking out at Hammond.

3. FIRST DETECTIVE:  We’ll know soon enough.

4. SECOND DETECTIVE: Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Hammond.

PANEL 4:   A view taking in Hammond and the whole copter.

5. HAMMOND:  If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.

PANEL 5:   Hammond is waving at the copter as it starts to rise.

Silent panel.

PANEL 6:  AN EMPLOYEE is running up toward Hammond.

6.  EMPLOYEE: Mr. Hammond, I need to talk to you.

PANEL 1:  Hammond and the employee are walking through the plaza of Hammond’s mansion.  Hammond looks concerned.

1. HAMMOND:  A Green Lantern, of all things.   I doubt he had a  warrant to break into the refinery and steal anything. So I think he’s not in a position to do much that’s legal. And at least he got injured for his trouble.

PANEL 2:  A side view of them looking down from the mezzanine.

2. EMPLOYEE:  What should I do?

3.  HAMMOND:  Have the mutants leave the refinery.  Tell them to stay out to sea until I signal for them to come back.   Have you tried to contact the one he took?

PANEL 3:  A full view of them from behind.

4. EMPLOYEE:  Yes.  Apparently he deactivated its radio.

5. HAMMOND:  He’ll probably analyze it.  Change the transmission frequency so nobody can eavesdrop on us.  

PANEL 4:  They’ve stopped walking and are facing each other.

6. EMPLOYEE:  What if someone comes to the refinery asking questions?

7. HAMMOND:  You don’t know anything, and the media and the police are to direct all questions to me.  All employees are to exercise their right to remain silent.  Now hurry and get those orders out.

PANEL 5:  A view from their opposite side.  

8. EMPLOYEE:  Yes sir.

9. HAMMOND:  I want the mutants out of the refinery immediately.

PANEL 6:  Hammond is calling out after the employee as he walks away.

10.  HAMMOND:  And if that intruder comes back, treat him as you would any burglar.

PANEL 1:  Sophie is walking toward her car in the Ferris parking lot, accompanied by Hal and Carol.

1. SOPHIE:  I feel so awful.  I wish I had at least had a chance to make up with him.

PANEL 2:  Sophie is unlocking her driver’s side door.

2.  CAROL:  Don’t be hard on yourself.

3.  HAL:  You can’t undo it, and Tom wouldn’t want you to beat yourself up over it.

PANEL 3:  Sophie is now in the car and is talking to them through the rolled-down window.

4. SOPHIE:  If you two ever have a fight, don’t go away without making up.

PANEL 4:  Sophie is backing her car out of the parking spot.

Silent panel.

PANEL 5:  Hal and Carol are walking back to the building as Sophie drives away.

5. HAL:  I wonder whether it was really an accident.

6. CAROL:  What do you mean?

7. HAL:  Maybe Tom figured out too much.  

PANEL 6:  Close-up of Hal.

8. HAL:  And I’m the one who sent him out there,

PANEL 1:  In Carl’s office, Hal and Carol are standing before Carl’s desk, and Carl is seated behind it.

1. CARL:  I talked to Hector Hammond on the phone.  I’m going out to his island tomorrow to visit him.

PANEL 2:  On Hal and Carol, from Carl’s viewpoint.

2.  HAL:  Carl, the employees are taking this hard.  Maybe you should stay here with them and let me meet with Hammond.

3. CAROL: That’s a good idea, dad.

PANEL 3:  On Carl.

4.  CARL:  Well… all right.  But if you talk any business with him, be careful. He’s oily.  Maybe it takes one to know one, but I picked up on that.

PANEL 4:  Favoring Carol.

5.  CAROL:  Does anybody know when the funeral is scheduled?

6.  CARL;  It’s Friday afternoon. So be back by Friday morning, Hal.

PANEL 5:  Hal and Carol are in the hallway, and Carol is closing the door to Carl’s office.

7. CAROL:  I’ll call you tonight, dad.

PANEL 6:   Hal and Carol are walking up the hallway.

8. CAROL:  Are you hurting?

9.  HAL:  I’m sure Codge is hurting more.

PANEL 1:  Hal is on the deck of a boat that’s out at sea, standing near TWO MORE CREW MEMBERS.

1. HAL:  I guess you fellows knew the guys on that other boat pretty well,

2. THIRD CREW MEMBER:  For many years.  They were good guys.  One of them was going to retire in three weeks.

PANEL 2: A closer view of them.

3. HAL:  They haven’t found anything yet have they?

4. THIRD CREW MEMBER:  The least I heard, they had just found some items that floated away.

PANEL 3:  A view from the deck tilted up, showing four helicopters hovering overhead.

5.  THIRD CREW MEMBER: The divers will find it pretty soon.

PANEL 4:   A view from the deck, favoring the third crew member.

6.  THIRD CREW MEMBER:  Somebody sank that boat. I guarantee you that.

PANEL 5:  Hal has noticed the fin of a shark as it glides along beside the boat.

FOURTH CREWMAN:  They learn to follow boats out here, waiting for people to throw something edible away.

PANEL 6:  Hal watches as the fin moves through the water.

Silent panel.

PANEL 1:  Hammond is standing on the dock as the boat pulls in.

1. HAMMOND:  Welcome, Mr. Jordan.

PANEL 2:  Hammond offers to shake Hal’s hand as he steps out onto the dock.

2. HAMMOND:  I’m sorry to meet you under these circumstances.

PANEL 3:   Hal offers him a crossover left-handed shake.

3.  HAL:  My right arm is pretty useless at the moment.

PANEL 4:   Hal and Hammond are walking across the plaza in Hammond’s house, approaching a bar.

4.  HAMMOND:  I’ll offer you some champagne, if you’re not a teetotaler.

5.  HAL: I’ll accept.

PANEL 5:   Hammond has stepped behind the bar.  Hal is standing in front of it.

6. HAMMOND:  You seem to be in some pain.

7. HAL:  I slipped in the shower and cracked a rib.

PANEL 6:  Hammond has placed two glasses on the bar and is pouring champagne into one.

8. HAMMOND:  So even a world-class race driver can take a false step now and then.  

9. HAL:  I’ll be driving again in six weeks.

PANEL 1:  Hal and Hammond are walking toward Hammond’s pool.

HAMMOND:  I was very impressed by Mr. Kamalku in the short time we spent together.

PANEL 2:  They’ve reached a pair of chairs beside the pool.

2. HAL:  Oh, I’m curious about something.  It’s Professor Aaron Goins.  He was doing some interesting work in evolutionary biology before he came to work for you.

PANEL 3:  Hal and Hammond are now sitting in the chairs.

3.  HAMMOND:  You looked him up.  Yes, he was.

4.  HAL:  I was wondering how that relates to the development of fuels.

PANEL 4:  Favoring Hammond.

5.  HAMMOND:  Without getting into the boring technical details, we were hoping to find ways to replicate fossil fuels in a laboratory.  But that was a dead end.  We’ve gone far beyond that idea how.

PANEL 5:  Closer on Hammond.

6.  HAL:  Does he work at your refinery?

7.  HAMMOND:  Oh, you didn’t know.  Professor Goins was on the boat that sank.  One of my security guards was too.  Five people were on board.

PANEL 6:   Close-up of Hammond.

8.  HAMMOND:  You’ve lost a good friend, and I’ve lost four of them.  And I’ve lost a fifth employee too, from my refinery. But that’s another story.

PANEL 1:  Hammond is watching through a window of his house as Hal walks out on the dock, approaching the boat that brought him to the island.

Silent panel.

PANEL 2: Hammond has used a key to unlock the door to the indoor amphitheater that we saw in the first scene in Part 1, and is going inside.  One of the mutants is standing inside, facing him.

Silent panel.

PANEL 3:  The mutant is walking behind Hammond up an aisle of the amphitheater.

1. HAMMOND:  Sharks are a superior form of life.  Did you know that?  It’s a pity they didn’t evolve high intelligence before apes did.

PANEL 4:   Hammond and the mutant are climbing the steps to the stage.

2.  HAMMOND:  Who has ever done anything that matters?  It’s the people who are driven by powerful desire -- the way sharks are.  Imagine what sharks could do if they ran the world.

PANEL 5:  Hammond and the mutant are walking out across the stage.

3.  HAMMOND:  I was blessed with a bottomless pit of desire inside me, and the intelligence to feed it.   

PANEL 6:  For the first time, the chamber that’s filled with a SLIGHTLY REDDISH liquid comes into view.  Hammond and the mutant.are standing beside it and are gazing down at it,  As before, a figure inside it is being kept submerged in the fluid by flat-bottomed prongs that extend from the top of the tank.  Now it’s Tom Kamalku.  Sutures are visible on his chest where his bullet wound has been treated.

Silent panel.

PANEL 1:  Carol and Snapper are leaving a supermarket.  Snapper is carrying a bag full of items.

1. CAROL: I just wish Hal would stop blaming himself.

PANEL 2:   Carol is opening the driver’s side door.

2. SNAPPER: Nobody even knows what happened yet.

3. CAROL: That’s just how Hal is.  

PANEL 3:  Snapper is setting the bag in the back floorboard.

3. SNAPPER:  Tom was a smart guy.  Whatever happened to him wasn’t his fault, and it wasn’t Hal’s.

PANEL 4:  A view through Carol’s window as she drive away.

4. CAROL:  Sophie thinks it was her fault.  She thinks Tom wanted to go out there to get away from her.

PANEL 5:  A view over their shoulders through the windshield as they move down a street.

SNAPPER:  You’re a good driver, Carol.  Fast but good.

CAROL: Hal says I scare him to death.  Am I scaring you?

PANEL 6:  A view through Snapper’s window.  Snapper looks uneasy.


CAROL: I’ll slow down.

PANEL 1:  The car is approaching the building at Ferris Winery.  The view is from behind the car, so that Carol and Snapper are not visible.

1. SNAPPER: No offense Carol, but I don’t think you needed to buy filleted fish and distilled water.  

2. CAROL:  Well, that was all they had.

PANEL 2:   A view of them through Snapper’s window,

3. SNAPPER:  It’s been in there all day with nothing to eat.  It’s probably in a bad mood.

4. CAROL:  I feel so bad for Codge.  He took it hard when his wife died.  I can’t imagine what this is doing to him.

PANEL 3: A view of them through the windshield.

5. SNAPPER:  I’ve been trying not to think about that.

PANEL 4:  On Carol.

6. CAROL:  Codge has stopped answering his phone.  I can’t say that I blame him.

PANEL 5 : Snapper and Carol are walking from Carol’s car toward the building.  Snapper is carrying the bag

7. CAROL:  At least you won’t have to look at it.  That thing is scary.

PANEL 6:  Carol is unlocking the door.

Silent panel.

SPLASH: Inside the anteroom, Carol has turned on the overhead light and is gazing in horror at the scene before her.  The place has been wrecked, and the door to the cellar has been smashed open.  The mutant has escaped.  It’s grabbed Snapper under the arms and has lifted him over its head.  

1. MUTANT:  The green beam -- what was it?

CAPTION: To be continued...

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