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SPLASH: ABIN SUR is flying over a rural area on Korugar that’s lit by a large, light-blue moon. A yellow beam coming from the ground level in the distance is striking him, and he’s recoiling from the blast.
CAPTION: On the planet Korugar, Green Lantern Abin Sur is returning to his secluded home when an energy blast strikes him.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: Abin has landed in front of his home and is staggering toward the doorway. The house is one-story and circular, with a flat roof. The windows are circular too.
1. ABIN: Ring, what happened?
2. ABIN’S RING: Analyzing…

PANEL 2: In the living room, Abin has shut the door and collapsed in the floor.
3 ABIN’S RIN: I was unable to protect you because the beam was specifically designed to elude detection by a Power Ring.
4. ABIN: What’s my condition?

PANEL 3: Close on Abin’s head and the ring, which is near his head.
5. ABIN'S RING: It’s terminal. I’ve sent notice to the Central Power Battery. It’ll transport your replacements here for instructions. The battery has already calculated that you’ll get more than one replacement.
6. ABIN (thinking): I have a good idea who did this.

PANEL 4: Taking in the blue moon, which is shining through a window of the room.
7. ABIN: Ring, see to it that my replacements are transported to the front yard, and that they see a hologram of me there delivering the following message.

PANEL 5: A view of the house from the front yard. Abin’s voice is coming from the inside.
8. ABIN: You’re on the planet Korugar, My name is Abin Sur. What you’re seeing is a hologram of me. By the time you see it, I’ll be dead. My body is inside the house. I’ve been assassinated. I was a Green Lantern. Green Lanterns are interplanetary law enforcement officers. You’ve been chosen to replace me.

PANEL 6: In the distance, a small figure can be seen flying toward the house.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: The figure has moved closer in. It’s SINESTRO, and there’s a yellow ring on his left hand. He’s wearing a black uniform.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: Sinestro is now on Abin’s porch and is opening the door.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Sinestro is in the living room and standing over Abin’s body.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: Sinestro is kneeling beside Abin and removing his Power Ring.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5. In a closer view, Sinestro is still kneeling and is starting to place the green ring on his own
right hand.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: In a view favoring Abin’s body, Sinestro is standing up. He’s wearing the yellow ring on his left hand and the green ring on his right hand.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: A view from inside the car as HAL JORDAN is driving a stock car on a track that a big crowd is watching.
1. HAL (thinking): That idiot is coming up too fast under a caution flag.
CAPTION: As Hal Jordan competes in a season-ending stock car race, one of his rivals is determined to make his dislike of Jordan known.

PANEL 2: The view takes in the car behind Hal’s, as the other driver taps Hal’s bumper and knocks Hal’s car askew.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3. From inside Hal’s car, the other driver can be seen roaring past the enraged Hal.
2. HAL (thinking): Oh, I’ll get you.

PANEL 4: Hal’s car slams into the other car’s side hard.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: A few from the stands as the crowd is on its feet. A REDNECK FAN with a big belly who is drinking a beer is greatly amused.
3. REDNECK FAN: I bet he won’t mess with Jordan again.

PANEL 6: Tom Kalamku and the rest of Hal’s pit crew are looking toward the wrecked vehicles with dismay. Tom is wearing a patch that reads, “Tom Kamalku, Crew Chief.” Tom looks very young, no more than 20.
4. TOM (thinking): Oh, Hal. Why did you have to hit him back?

PANEL 1: CAROL FERRIS and CARL FERRIS are meeting in his office. Carl is standing behind his desk and Carol is standing in front of it. A nameplate on Carl’s desk identifies him as the Ferris Racing’s CEO. Carol looks harried and Carl looks miffed.
1. CARL: He was court-martialed from the Navy for punching a superior officer and served six months in the brig, but I gave him a second chance by hiring him. I’d give anybody a fifth chance if I really thought he’d changed his ways. But he doesn’t seem capable of that.

PANEL 2: On Carol.
2. CAROL: Dad, he’s one of the best drivers in the world. I’ll talk to him.

PANEL 3: On Carl.
3. CARL: I know exactly how good he is. That’s why I hired him. But I also know that he trusts his impulses too much and doesn’t think enough. Billy Reynolds was clearly at fault there. All Hal had to do was sit back and let him be punished.

PANEL 4: Two-shot on Carl and Carol
4. CAROL: I’m going to talk to him right now.
5. CARL: Good. Tell him I want to see him in my office at 9 AM tomorrow. And not at 9:15, but at 9 sharp.

PANEL 5: Carol is walking toward the door.
6. CAROL: And Carol, try making your talk with him business-oriented instead of personal.

PANEL 6: Carol is holding the doorknob and is looking back at Carl, surprised.
7. CARL: I’m not as out of touch about what goes on here as some people think I am.

PANEL 1: In Carol’s office, Carol is sitting behind her desk and leaning back in her chair, and Hal is standing and facing her. A nameplate identifies her as the company’s manager.
1. CAROL: He’s pretty upset, Hal. He wants to see you in his office at 9 in the morning. And please don’t show up even one minute late. You do tend to do that.

PANEL 2: Favoring Hal, who looks glum.
2. HAL: All right, Carol. Is he going to fire me?
3. CAROL: I really don’t know, Hal. But the sanctioning body is going to come down hard on you.

PANEL 3: In the hallway outside, Hal is coming out of Carol’s office. Tom Kamalku, who has been sitting in a chair and waiting for Hal to come out, stands up.
4. TOM: What happened?
5. HAL: Nothing yet. I’ve got a meeting with Carl in the morning.

PANEL 4: Hal and Tom are walking down the hall.
6. TOM: I don’t think he’ll fire you.
7. HAL: I wouldn’t bet on that. He’s never liked me.

PANEL 5: In the Ferris parking lot, Hal has opened his car door and gotten inside. He’s about to close the door.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: A view through the car’s windshield. Hal has closed the door, and he’s been enveloped by a flash of green.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1. GUY GARDNER is wearing a suit and standing in front of a crowd in the lobby of a gym. TWO COMPANY EXECUTIVES in suits stand near him, A company logo is visible in the panel that reads, "Gardner’s Gyms." A banner has been strung that has a photo of Guy on the sidelines on a football game, shouting to his teammates and holding his helmet by the facemask. The banner reads, "Grand Opening! Special Appearance by Guy Gardner!"
1. GUY: Hello, everyone.
Caption: At the opening of a new Gardner’s Gym in Miami, former pro football linebacker Guy Gardner is addressing the members.

PANEL 2: A view of the crowd from over Guy’s shoulder. They’ve come dressed to exercise.
2. GUY: Welcome to the opening of our ninety-sixth location. We’ve got everything you could want here, including a nursery, and it’s all state of the art. We’re open 24 hours year-round, and we’ve got enough equipment that you’ll probably never have to wait in line to use any of it.

PANEL 3: Another view, as Guy is gesturing back over his shoulder toward the equipment.
3. GUY: All right, go to it. I’ve already talked to a lot of you, and I’ll be here for a while to answer any
more of your questions.

PANEL 4: The crowd is CHEERING and people are moving past Guy as a YOUNG MAN approaches him with a pad and a pen.
4. YOUNG MAN: Mr. Gardner, I’ve heard that you don’t like signing autographs, but I really want yours and I hope you won’t mind.

PANEL 5: The TWO EXECUTIVES are remaining near Guy as he takes the pad and pen.
5. GUY: I don’t mind it, but it embarrasses me a little. All I did was play a kids game. I didn’t do anything important. I didn’t teach school or put out fires.

PANEL 6: Guy has signed his name and is handing back the pad and pen to the young man as an OLDER MAN steps up.
6. YOUNG: MAN: Thank you.
7. GUY: OK.
8. OLDER MAN: Mr. Gardner, I don’t want to be a wet blanket at your nice event here, but I do need to mention some shady billing practices that your company engages in.

PANEL 1: Guy is very surprised, and the young man stops to watch the exchange.
1. GUY: What?
2. OLDER MAN: I was a member at the Pembroke Pines location, and I liked the gym a lot. But when I moved to Miami they kept automatically debiting my checking account for three months for my membership fee, even though I kept telling them to stop it. And they still won’t give me a refund.

PANEL 2: Guy is handing the man a business card from his coat pocket and is gesturing with his thumb toward the two executives.
3. GUY: I’m not involved in the management. Those nimrods over there just pay me to use my name. But my private e-mail address is on there. Contact me with your information and I’ll personally refund your money and give you a free one-year membership that’ll be good at any location.

PANEL 3: The man is studying the card carefully as he moves away, and the two executives look miffed.
4. OLDER MAN: Thank you, sir.
5. GUY: Any time. I’m sorry about the problem.

PANEL 4: A very attractive YOUNG WOMAN, who is the last person in line, steps up to Guy, moving and acting flirtatiously. Guy remains businesslike.
6. YOUNG WOMAN: Oh hello, Mr. Gardner. I’m a huge fan of yours.
7: GUY: Hello to you too.

PANEL 5: On the young woman.
8. YOUNG WOMAN: I’m wondering if you’re in the market for a personal assistant. I have a great deal of experience in that area.

PANEL 6: Guy is handing her a business card.
9. GUY: My personal e-mail address is on there. Send me a resume.
10. YOUNG WOMAN: Oh thank you.

PANEL 1: The young woman is about to exit through the front door and is looking back at Guy and
1. YOUNG WOMAN: It was so nice to meet you, Mr. Gardner.

PANEL 2: The young man who got Guy’s autograph is standing nearby and is impressed.
2. YOUNG MAN: That must be nice.
3. GUY: Her kind hangs out in the lobbies of all the hotels where pro football and basketball teams stay. She wants to "accidentally" get pregnant and then sue me for child support. Later for that.

PANEL 3: Guy turns to the two executives as he starts to move away.
4. GUY: I gotta make a pit stop.

PANEL 4. Guy is moving toward one of the gym’s restrooms, and one of the executives is running after him.
5. FIRST EXECUTIVE: What did you mean, calling us nimrods?
6. GUY: Don’t play weaselly tricks and then hide behind my name.

PANEL 5: Guy has pushed the restroom door partly open.
7. GUY: And I ain’t gonna continue this conversation in here.

PANEL 6: Guy is walking through the empty restroom when a burst of green light envelopes him.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: John Stewart is wearing a police uniform and is standing before the desk of CAPTAIN EDGERTON. Edgerton is standing behind the desk. He’s burly, has a shaved head and is craggy faced.
1; JOHN: Captain, I broke off the pursuit because the guy had a burned-out taillight and he ran from me. I didn’t think it was worth endangering the public over, especially during a rainstorm. 
CAPTION: At a precinct police department in Midway City, Officer John Stewart’s supervisor has called him on the carpet.

PANEL 2: A view from behind Edgerton, giving a good view of John.
2, EDGERTON: That punk will tell all his friends that he ran and the cop didn’t chase him, and pretty soon they’ll all be running from us. Anyway you don’t know who was in that car. It might have been a serial killer.

3. JOHN: Sir, what are the odds of that? Meanwhile, I did know that 28 percent of police chases end in crashes and 15 percent end in injuries. And it was raining.

PANEL 3: Close on Edgerton, who looks annoyed. His name is visible on his chest.
4. EDGERTON: John, there are certain ways that police officers do things. We’re here to put down the bad guys aggressively. Not to be passive and refrain from putting them down. I hope I’m making myself clear about that. 

PANEL 4: Close on John.
5. JOHN: Yes sir, you are.

PANEL 5: A view of Edgerton from over John’s shoulder.
6. EDGERTON: That will be all, John.

PANEL 6: John is leaving Edgerton’s office.
7. EDGERTON: And John, I’m going to give you a week off without pay, starting tomorrow, so you’ll have some time to reconsider your attitude toward law enforcement. And to toughen it.

PANEL 1: In the locker room at the police station, John is getting dressed, as is an older white cop named SMITTY.
1. SMITTY: I’ll tell you what his real problem is, John.
2. JOHN: What do you mean?

PANEL 2: Favoring Smitty.
3. SMITTY: It wasn’t so much that you broke off that chase. It’s that he’s not sure he can trust you to honor the code of silence. 

PANEL3: Favoring John, who looks grim.
4. JOHN: Oh.

PANEL 4: Close on Smitty.
5. SMITTY: It’ll be worse if the beat cops get that idea about you. It might have repercussions beyond your job. It could spill over into your personal life too.

PANEL 5: Two shot, John and Smitty.
6. SMITTY: You might want to start sending out resumes before that happens. Just a word to the wise.

PANEL 6: John is walking away, and Smitty is watching him go.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: John is walking down a sidewalk in an urban setting. On the other side of the street, SIX BLACK YOUTHS have gathered and are looking at John.
1. FIRST YOUTH (smiling): Hey, I smell bacon.

PANEL 2: John has stopped and is looking at them. They’re all smiling.
2. FIRST YOUTH: Oh, excuse me. It’s Officer Stewart.

PANEL 3: John is glowering at them.
3. JOHN: I bet you won’t come over here alone and say that.
4. FIRST YOUTH: Nah, you might be packing heat.

PANEL 4: John is unlocking the front door of his apartment.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: John is sitting on the edge of his bed, looking dejected.
3. JOHN (thinking): Maybe I’m just not cut out for this.

PANEL 6: John has buried his face in his hands, and has been enveloped in a green flash.
Silent panel. 

PANEL 1: In a coffee shop, Kyle Rayner is alone at a table looking at his laptop as a FAN approaches him. The fan is about 50, with a graying beard, heavyset and wearing a porkpie hat and a vest.
1. FAN: Excuse me. Aren’t you Kyle Rayner? The comics artist?
2. KYLE (smiling): That’s right. What can I do for you?
CAPTION: Kyle Rayner is taking a break at a coffee shop near his apartment and home studio.

PANEL 2: On the fan, who is scowling.
3. FAN: You can give General Glory back his classic uniform. The redesign you did of it is terrible.

PANEL 3: Favoring Kyle, who is crestfallen.
4. KYLE: Oh. Well, I’m sorry you feel that way about it. Most people seem to like it. The comic is selling a lot better now.
5. FAN: Sales, sales, sales. There’s more to this than just sales. You’ve destroyed something that was a fundamental part of General Glory’s mythos for 78 years.

PANEL 4: Two shot on them.
6. KYLE: Well sir, Gaze Comics asked me to redesign his uniform, and I did that. And the sales are how we tell what people like and don’t like. Since they improved, I probably didn’t screw it up too badly, did I?

PANEL 5: Closeup of the fan.
7. FAN: Who do you think you are? You’re a freshman in college. I’m 29 years older than you are. You haven’t paid your dues. 

PANEL 6: Favoring Kyle.
8, KYLE: All right sir, you’ve had your say. Just move along now and leave me in peace. Or I’ll complain to the management about you.

PANEL 1: The fan is getting worked up now.
1. FAN: Hold on. That’s not all. Your pencilling is utter crap. If you didn’t have Joel Scarpelli inking your pages, everybody could see how bad you are. Joel is the man, and you suck.

PANEL 2: On Kyle, who is glowering.
2. KYLE: You idiot. Why aren’t you playing with your grandchildren now?

PANEL 3: Two shot on Kyle and the fan. Kyle is very angry and has stood up.
3. KYLE: Wait a minute. How did you even know I was here? I bet you’ve been stalking me, haven’t you? Are you really that crazy? I can’t believe this.

PANEL 4: Favoring the fan. 
4. KYLE: Old mossbacks like you are who make the comics industry a joke to so many people.
5. FAN: Be careful, Kyle. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want the whole world to hear. Look behind you.

PANEL 5: Kyle has turned and seen that a SECOND FAN has been taping the exchange from behind him the whole time.
6. KYLE: Are you telling me that TWO of you idiots have been stalking me?

PANEL 6: On the sidewalk outside, Kyle is walking away from the coffee shop, carrying his briefcase. The two fans are inside, watching him go through the glass. The second fan is still taping him. A sign above the door reads, CAFFBUCK'S.

PANEL 1: Kyle is walking down the hall of his apartment building. Behind him, RADU STANCU has stepped out of a doorway and is calling to him.
1. RADU: Kyle, your rent was due yesterday.
2. KYLE: I’ll write you a check tomorrow, Radu.

PANEL 2: Kyle is closing his front door.
3. RADU: What’s wrong with right now?

PANEL 3: In the living room of ROBERT ZIV. He’s talking on his cell phone.
1. KYLE’S VOICE (coming from Ziv’s phone): Robert, I want to ink my own pencils in this issue.
CAPTION: Robert Ziv, Kyle’s editor at Pinnacle Comics, is surprised to be receiving a phone call from Kyle at night. 

PANEL 4: Closer on Robert, who looks perplexed now.
ROBERT: What’s wrong with Joel Scarpelli’s inking?
KYLE’S VOICE (coming from Robert’s phone): Nothing. It’s great. I just want to ink my own pencils for this issue.

PANEL 5: In Kyle’s studio, a green flash envelopes him.
ROBERT’S VOICE (coming from Kyle’s phone): Come on. How are you going to do that and make your deadlines, Kyle?

PANEL 6: On Kyle’s phone, which is lying on the floor.
ROBERT’S VOICE (coming from the phone): Kyle? Are you still there?

PANEL 1: Kyle has materialized in Abin Sur’s front yard in a burst of green light. He’s wearing a GLC uniform. Hal, Guy and John are already there, also in uniforms. All four are wearing Power Rings and holding Power Batteries. A hologram of Abin Sur is standing before them. It’s still night on Korugar.
1. KYLE: What’s happening?

PANEL 2: Abin’s hologram begins to speak.
2. ABIN: You’re on the planet Korugar. My name is Abin Sur. What you’re seeing is a hologram of me. By the time you see it, I’ll be dead. My body is inside the house. I’ve been assassinated. I was a Green Lantern. Green Lanterns are interplanetary law enforcement officers. Those who are hearing this been chosen to replace me.

PANEL 3: The four new Lanterns are looking at each other, incredulous.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: Another angle.
3. ABIN: The rings you’re wearing have all the capabilities of a star-ship, right on your finger. They’re powered by the batteries you’re holding. You can control them with your thoughts, or, when the instructions are complex, you can give them verbal orders. When you’re ready to learn how to use them, just say to your rings, I’m ready for my instructions.

PANEL 5: Another angle.
4. ABIN: You were chosen by an extraordinary artifact on the planet Oa that’s called the Central Power Battery. Its primary purpose is law enforcement on planets that have crossed the nuclear threshold. However, it also acts to stop interstellar aggression and the extinction of sentient species.

PANEL 6: Another angle.
5. ABIN: You might think you’re ill-suited to work in this sort of law enforcement. I certainly did. The reasons that the Central Power Battery chooses particular beings to serve as Green Lanterns are beyond understanding. They’re usually to some extent or other misfits on their worlds, but the Central Power Battery never makes mistakes in these choices.

PANEL 1: On Abin’s hologram.
1. ABIN: My body is in the front room of the house. You’ll find my Power Ring on my finger and my Power Battery in a gray cabinet. Tell them to return home, and they’ll do so.

PANEL 2. Close-up of Abin.
2. ABIN: Your first task as Green Lanterns will be to find who murdered me. I was struck by a strange yellow beam as I flew toward my house. It was specifically designed to avoid detection by my ring. 

PANEL 3: Taking in all of them.
3. ABIN: I don’t know for a fact who did this to me, but I do have a suspicion.

PANEL 4: The hologram is fading.
4. ABIN: Ah… ah… ah...

PANEL 5. The hologram has vanished, and the four new Green Lanterns are looking as each other.
5. HAL: Well, I guess that’s it. Let’s go inside.

PANEL 6: The Lanterns begin to walk toward the front door.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: They come into the living room and see Abin’s body on the floor.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: They’re now standing close to the body.
1. JOHN: The poor guy.
2. HAL: He’s not wearing a ring.

PANEL 3: Favoring Kyle.
3. KYLE: Let me try something. Ring, what happened to Abin Sur’s Power Ring?

PANEL 4: Favoring Kyle’s ring.
4. KYLE’S RING: Unable to determine.

PANEL 5: Favoring John.
4. JOHN: Ring, who killed Abin Sur?
5. JOHN’S RING: Unable to determine.

PANEL 6: Favoring Hal.
6. HAL: Ring, what should we do next?
7. HAL’S RING: Unable to give such advice.

PANEL 1: Guy has opened the gray cabinet, which is empty.
1. GUY: There’s nothing in here. You know, whoever killed him might still be around here, and he might not be friendly toward us either.

PANEL 2: Four-shot.
2. KYLE: And if they could kill this Abin Sur, who was experienced, we’d stand no chance against them.

PANEL 3: Another four-shot.
4. GUY: Maybe whoever killed him took his ring and his battery.
5. HAL: I bet that’s what happened.

PANEL 4: Favoring John.
6. JOHN: We’d better get the rest of those instructions now.

PANEL 5. Favoring Hal.
7. HAL: Someone is on the porch.

PANEL 6: The four of them have turned to look toward the front door, which is opening. A darkened figure is standing in the portal.
8. JOHN: Ring, protect us.

SPLASH: The figure has stepped into the room, and is revealed as Sinestro. He’s now wearing a GLC uniform. The green ring is visible on his right hand, but no yellow ring can be seen on his left hand.
1. SINESTRO: My name is Sinestro Natu. I’ve come to help you.

CAPTION: To be continued...

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