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SPLASH: It's night on Graxos IV. A handsome young Graxosian man, NERRIK DEROS, is hiding among some ferns, watching ARISIA RRAB, who is walking along a lonely sidewalk. Nerrik has blond hair. The moon is large, and close enough that craters are visible on it. Note to the colorist: The moon is orange, giving an orange cast to the scenario. There are patches of snow on the ground. The plants are cold-adapted ferns, needle-leaf evergreens and grasses. There are no broad-leafed trees, bushes or flowers. The architecture is dominated by domes and spires. All the structures are built from brick-sized gemstones and mortar. Gemstones are the dominant rock forms here. Note to the colorist: Let your imagination run free about coloring the gemstones. The domes themselves are made of gemstone bricks laid in a herringbone pattern. The roofs that aren't domed or spired are flat and have gardens on them There are no cars, trucks or motorcycles; Graxosians use raised monorails to travel and to move goods. Graxosians wear stylish furs and skins against the chilly climate. You can get ideas for the clothing from the websites of any fashion houses. And in case anyone complains, the furs are produced in laboratories from cloned cells!
CAPTION: On Graxos IV, Arisia Rrab is returning home from a night class at law school. And she's being stalked.

PANEL 1: Nerrik rushes at Arisia from behind, a wild expression on his face.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: He grabs her.
1. NERRIK: I think about you all the time.

PANEL 3: They struggle.
Silent panel

PANEL 4: A green flash hurls him away.
Silent panel

PANEL 5: Arisia stands over his prone form, her ring glowing.
Silent panel

PANEL 6: Arisia is talking on a cell phone.
2. VOICE ON THE PHONE: Emergency.
3. ARISIA: I need to report an assault.

PANEL 1: THREE POLICE OFFICERS stand over Nerrik, who is now sitting up, while a FOURTH OFFICER interviews Arisia. Note to the colorist: All Graxosians have blond or red hair, and the officers wear gray uniforms.
1. FOURTH OFFICER: How did you subdue him?
2. ARISIA: He fell. Maybe he hit his head.

PANEL 2: A two-shot of Arisia and the fourth officer.
3. FOURTH OFFICER: Do you know him?
4. ARISIA: He's a student in one of my classes at law school.

PANEL 3: Concentrate on the dazed Nerrik
5. ARISIA: I've noticed him staring at me and smiling a couple of times. It was creepy
PANEL 4: Arisia's apartment has a sleek. modular design, with some potted ferns. Note to the colorist: The colors are pastels.
6. ARISIA: Ring, he tried to do something to my mind, didn't he?
7. ARISIA'S RING: Analyzing...

PANEL 5: Arisia's ring, from Arisia's P.O.V.
8. ARISIA'S RING: He tried to make you physically unable to resist, yet keep you unchanged psychologically.

PANEL 6: Tight on Arisia, who looks concerned.
9. ARISIA'S RING: The method he was using is outside of Oan knowledge. I can make no further analysis.

PANEL 1: On a monitor screen. The student record of Arisia's assailant is visible on the screen. His name, Nerrik Deros, is legible on the screen, along with a head shot. On the computer is a decal that reads, "Property of Harai Law School."
Silent panel

PANEL 2: On Arisia, who is operating the computer.
1. ARISIA (thinking): He lives on the grounds of the Deros Temple.

PANEL 3: Arisia has accessed an image of the temple on the computer. The walled compound is dominated by a large domed structure, which several flat-roofed buildings surround. There are arched windows running around the base of the dome, which is about forty feet above the ground. A sign out front reads, "Deros Temple."
2. ARISIA (thinking): And his father is Rain Deros, the leader of the temple.

PANEL 4: It's night. Arisia is approaching the entrance gate of the Deros Temple, along with about a dozen other people. All Graxosians are well-preserved, including the aged ones. Obesity, bad posture and balding are unknown here. Nobody looks strange or eccentric.
Silent panel

PANEL 5: Inside the compound, Arisia is standing in a line to get inside the domed building.
3. ARISIA (thinking): They're taking in some money, to have built all this.

PANEL 6: Arisia is sitting in the audience in an auditorium. The place is packed with people. The dome has lights hanging below rafters and catwalks. A WOMAN sitting in the row in front of her is leaning over and talking to a companion.
4. WOMAN IN CROWD: This will change your life.

PANEL 1: RAIN DEROS is walking out onto the stage. His appearance is ominous. His features are hard, he has thick eyebrows, and his eyes have dark circles. He has mechanical hands that start at both wrists where natural hands would. The fingers have four segments and the thumbs have three segments. They have no nails. He's dressed in a one of the uniforms of the temple, which have an insignia of flame over the heart. Note to the colorist: His hands are a metallic gray, he has blond hair, and the temple uniforms are blue.
Silent panel

PANEL 2: Rain is approaching about 10 people with various ailments who are standing on the stage waiting for him. At the front of the line, a woman with one leg is leaning on a crutch. She's wearing shorts, so that her stump of a leg is visible.
Silent panel

PANEL 3: Close on Rain.
1 RAIN: All of you are welcome here. The power is strong tonight.

PANEL 4: On Arisia and the people sitting in front of her.
2. WOMAN IN CROWD: He had to sacrifice his own hands to gain the power to heal.

PANEL 5: Favoring Arisia.
3. ARISIA (thinking): That sounds barbaric.
4. WOMAN IN CROWD: He's a miracle worker.

PANEL 6: Rain is standing near the woman with one leg, who is rapt and anxious. He has bowed his head, and he seems to be undergoing a strain.
Silent panel

PANEL 1: The woman's leg begins to regenerate. The bones appear first.
Silent panel

PANEL 2: Now the musculature appears.
Silent panel

PANEL 3: Now veins appear.
Silent panel

PANEL 4: Now skin appears.
Silent panel

PANEL 5: The woman on stage throws down her crutch in ecstasy.
1. WOMAN ON STAGE: I can't believe it.

'PANEL 6: The woman begins to walk around the stage as the crowd leaps up and cheers.
2. WOMAN ON STAGE: This is wonderful!

PANEL 1: Arisia is standing up like the others, awestruck.
1. WOMAN IN CROWD: He's magnificent.

PANEL 2: AN ASSISTANT OF RAIN, who has a microphone, approaches the woman who was cured.
2. RAIN'S ASSISTANT: How do you feel?

PANEL 3: The woman hugs Rain, who is stiff and doesn't smile. Rain's assistant is extending the microphone toward her.
3. WOMAN ON STAGE: It feels so good. It's so wonderful.

PANEL 4: In Guy Gardner's basement, GUY and KILOWOG are playing foosball. They're wearing civilian clothing, which looks odd on Kilowog. The place has a jukebox and a moose's head on a wall.
4. GUY: You've had only half a beer. That's an unfair advantage.

PANEL 5: Mugs half full of beer sit nearby.
5. KILOWOG: If you play Blue Christmas one more time, I'll smash that jukebox.
6. GUY: You're just homesick for the Serengeti.

PANEL 6: Two pet crows are sitting on perches.
7. KILOWOG: You cheated and blocked that shot. I saw your ring flash
8. GUY: No, I'm getting a call.

PANEL 1: Guy walks away, looking at his ring.
1. GUY: Hello.
2. KILOWOG: Keep that conversation short.

PANEL 2: A hologram of Arisia rises from the ring.
3. ARISIA: Guy, I need you on Graxsos IV.

PANEL 3: A poster of Shemp Howard is visible on the wall
4. ARISIA: It's for an undercover operation.
5. GUY: I'm not sure that's the best use of my talents, but since it's for you I'm practically there.

PANEL 4: A giant nickel in the room is now visible, like the giant penny in the Bat Cave.
6. GUY: How many Graxoses are there anyway?
7. KILOWOG: You called up an old message because you were losing.

PANEL 5: Guy is flying through space in his Green Lantern Corps uniform.
8. GUY: Ring, I've been meaning to ask you. Do you know which Green Lantern is the most formidable in battle?

PANEL 6: Guy's ring, from Guy's P.O.V.
9. GUY'S RING: I may be able to calculate that from the use that each ring places on the Central Power Battery. Analyzing...

PANEL 1: Pull back on Guy.
1. GUY: Well, don't keep me in suspense here.
2. GUY'S RING: Yes, one Green Lantern is more formidable in battle than all the others. It's Arisia Rrab of Graxos IV.

PANEL 2: Pull back some more.
3. GUY: Are you trying to be funny?
4. GUY'S RING: Is that a serious question?

PANEL 3: Guy is now approaching Graxos IV. Its sun and moon are visible. From space Graxos IV looks like Earth, with oceans, continents, clouds and polar caps. The polar caps are a good deal larger than Earth's. Note to the colorist: The sun and the moon are orange.
5. GUY: And why did you start using a woman's voice?
6. GUY'S RING: I've noticed that you respond more favorably to female voices.

PANEL 4: Guy is closer to the planet now.
7. GUY: Cut that out and go back to your regular voice.
8. GUY'S RING: Understood.

PANEL 5: Guy and Arisia are in her apartment.
9. ARISIA: You got here fast. I appreciate that.
10. GUY'S RING: He has always responded favorably to the females of your planet.

PANEL 6: Taking in more of the apartment.
11. GUY: Be quiet.
12. ARISIA (smiling): That's good to know.

PANEL 1: Taking in more of the apartment.
1. ARISIA: Ring, check Guy's breath.
2. ARISIA'S RING: Analyzing..

PANEL 2: Concentrate on Arisia.
3. ARISIA'S RING: His blood alcohol content is .05 percent. It's within acceptable limits.

PANEL 3: Two-shot of Arisia and Guy.
4. GUY: That was an invasion of my privacy.
5. ARISIA: I'm sorry Guy, but this is serious.

PANEL 4: Guy is now gazing at the Graxosian landscape through a large window in the apartment.
CAPTION: Later...
6. ARISIA: Anyway, I know you've got an old injury to your knee that bothers you.

PANEL 5: Two-shot of Arisia and Guy.
7. ARISIA: I want us to pose as a couple and attend the next healing
8. GUY: Don't you think I'd stick out there a little?

PANEL 6: Arisia is pointing to a makeup table where some golden prosthetic ears are lying.
9. ARISIA: Guy, you know I have a background in fashion and cosmetics, which are very advanced here compared to Earth.

PANEL 1: Concentrate on Arisia, who is smiling.
1. ARISIA: If you let me do the talking, I could make you pass for a Graxosian.
2. GUY: Are you serious?

PANEL 2: Concentrate on Guy, who looks unhappy.
3. ARISIA: We don't have much time. I've made an appointment at a healing ceremony tonight.

PANEL 3: Guy is sitting in front of a mirror, and Arisia is standing over him. Guy's skin is now golden, and he has pointed ears.
4. ARISIA: A definite improvement. And that makeup won't come off until I take it off.

PANEL 4: Arisia is stepping away, and Guy is looking at himself in the mirror with a pained expression.
5. ARISIA: And your beer breath is gone too. Hooray. Come on, elf boy. We've got to hurry and get you some proper clothes.

PANEL 5: Guy and Arisia are flying above the city, in Graxosian civilian garb.
6. GUY: I thought Graxosians were too smart to join cults.

PANEL 6: Concentrate on Arisia.
7. ARISIA: We need evidence before we'll believe anything. So this is unusual. And assaults on women are rare here too, by the way.

PANEL 1: Guy and Arisia are flying toward the temple.
1. GUY: Arisia, we're all proud of you for getting a law degree and getting hired as a professor.

PANEL 2: Concentrate on Arisia.
2. ARISIA: Thank you, Guy. I've been so busy the past few years years, it's all like a blur.

PANEL 3: They're landing in a secluded area.
3. ARISIA: Graxosians have certain healing powers, but nothing on this scale.

PANEL 4: They've come out of the ferns and are walking toward a line of people at temple's front gate.
4. ARISIA: And certainly our powers don't extend to healing others.

PANEL 5: Guy and Arisia are backstage at the temple, with about ten others who want to be healed. An attractive young woman, SOJIN DEROS, is addressing them. Note to the colorist: She has red hair.
5. SOJIN: Some of you don't know me. I'm Rain Deros's daughter. My name is Sojin.

PANEL 6: Concentrate on Sojin.
6. SOJIN: After you've been healed tonight, I hope you'll all become members of the temple.

PANEL 1: Sojin begins walking past them.
1. SOJIN: We make no financial requests of anyone. Just do what you think is right.

PANEL 2: Sojin stops and stares at Guy.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Sojin and Guy are gazing at each other
2. SOJIN: We don't want your money. We want you.

PANEL 4: She comes very close to Guy, regarding him with curiosity.
Silent panel

PANEL 5: Guy keeps looking at Sojin as she walks away.
3. ARISIA: She's as weird as her father and her brother.

PANEL 6. Close on Guy
4. GUY: No, she's not. I can't explain it, but she's all right.

PANEL 1: Guy and Arisia are on the stage, at the front of the line of people who want to be healed. Rain is standing in front of them.
1. RAIN: I hope you're all well. If not, you will be soon,

PANEL 2: Rain looks at some cards in his hands.
2. RAIN: I believe that you're Mr. Veek. And that your knee has been injured.
3. ARISIA: That's correct.

PANEL 3: Rain has bowed his head and seems to be undergoing a strain.
Silent panel

PANEL 4: Rain looks up at Guy, whose expression is startled.
4. RAIN: How is your knee now?

PANEL 5: Guy begins to walk around, amazed.
5. RAIN: You covered it up well, but that was a nagging injury.

PANEL 6: Guy is staring at him, incredulous, as the audience stands up and applauds.
6. RAIN: And those are unusual rings the two of you are wearing. I don't recognize the design or the material.

PANEL 1: Guy looks down at his hand and sees that his ring is invisible, as usual.
Silent panel

PANEL 2: Rain glowers at the stunned Guy.
Silent panel

PANEL 3: Arisia hustles Guy away as the audience continues to cheer.
Silent panel

PANEL 4: Rain is looking at Arisia and Guy's backs as they walk backstage.
1. RAIN: You're welcome.

PANEL 5: Sojin hurries up to Guy and Arisia backstage.
2. SOJIN: Mr. Veek.

PANEL 6: Sojin takes Guy's hands and moves very close to him. It's as if they're lovers.
3. SOJIN: Please visit the temple again soon.
4. GUY: I will.

PANEL 1: Sojin watches Guy and Arisia walk away.
Silent panel

PANEL 2: Guy looks at a small piece of paper in his hand. On it is handwritten, "Please help me get out of here."
Silent panel

PANEL 3: Guy looks back at her, but she's walking away.
Silent panel

PANEL 4: Guy and Arisia are walking down a street. There are no homeless or derelict people, and there's no trash.
1. GUY: This is the first time my knee has felt right in years.
2. ARISIA: Then something good came out of this.

PANEL 5: Two shot on Guy and Arisia.
3. GUY: She knew she could trust me.
4. ARISIA: You shouldn't trust her, Guy.

PANEL 6: Concentrate on Arisia.
5. ARISIA: I overheard some talk about a private ceremony they're going to hold just before dawn. To renew Rain's powers.

PANEL 1: Two-shot on Arisia and Guy.
1. GUY: Let's crash that party. But right now I think I'll crash the two gentlemen who have been following us.

PANEL 2: Guy whirls around, and a green flash from his ring stuns two men behind them.
Silent panel

PANEL 3: Guy and Arisia approach the prone men.
2. GUY: A little paranoia can be a good thing at times.

PANEL 4: Guy is using his ring to cut a capital G in each man's shirt, in the center of his chest.
3. ARISIA: Are you starting your own line of clothing?

PANEL 5: Close on Guy, who is deadpan.
4. GUY: I don't imagine any of the Zorro movies were ever released on Graxos IV, were they?

PANEL 6: Taking in Guy, Arisia and the prone temple members.
5. ARISIA: We don't have movies or sporting competitions. We find everyday life sufficiently exciting.
6. GUY: This is a strange place, but I like it.

PANEL 1: Concentrate on Guy. Guy and Arisia are flying toward the temple compound.
1. GUY: Ring, disable all security and recording devices in the compound.
2. GUY'S RING: Working...

PANEL 2: Concentrate on Arisia
3. ARISIA: Ring, find the best way for us to get inside
4. ARISIA'S RING: Analyzing...

PANEL 3: Guy and Arisia are standing on a ledge high above the ground that runs around the base of the temple's domed roof. Arisia is using her ring to cut open one of the arched windows while Guy stands watch.
Silent panel

PANEL 4: The auditorium has only a few lights on. Guy and Arisia have come through the window and are crouched on a catwalk.
Silent panel

PANEL 5: Rain, Sojin, Nerrik and TEN TEMPLE MEMBERS walk out onto the stage. Rain is holding up a torch. One of the men has been drenched.
Silent panel

PANEL 6: On Guy and Arisia
5. GUY: It looks like that man is covered with oil.
6. ARISIA: And there's Nerrik. He must have bailed out of jail.

PANEL 1: On the people on the stage. The drenched man is now kneeling in front of Rain, who has raised the torch high.
Silent panel

PANEL 2: On Guy and Arisia
1. GUY: Let's get Sojin out of here.
2. ARISIA: We need to be careful with her. There's no telling what she can do.

PANEL 3: On Sojin, who is expressionless.
Silent panel

PANEL 4: On Guy and Arisia, who are now greatly alarmed.
3. ARISIA: Oh, no.

PANEL 5: Guy and Arisia have extended their rings toward the stage.
4. ARISIA: My ring isn't working.
5. GUY: Neither is mine.

PANEL 6: On Guy and Arisia. Guy has taken her by the shoulders.
6. ARISIA: Oh no.

SPLASH: On the people on the stage. The man who is covered with oil is on his hands and knees, and is burning alive in agony. Rain has set him afire with the torch. Sojin, Nerriik and the others remain expressionless.
CAPTION: To be continued
Silent panel.




SPLASH: Guy is starting to sprint down the catwalk, in the direction of the stage. Arisia is remaining crouched and hidden. On the stage below, the man who has been set afire is continuing to burn.
1. GUY: Call the police.

PANEL 1: On Arisia, who is talking on her phone.
2. ARISIA: Hello. I want to report an attempted murder. A man has been set on fire. Please hurry. I’m inside the compound of the Deros Temple.
PANEL 2: The view is from the stage, looking up. Guy is has dropped down and is hanging from the bottom of the catwalk, preparing to drop to the stage.
Silent panel.
PANEL 3: Guy is on the stage and running toward the burning man. He has taken off his shirt, revealing that his torso is a lighter color than the makeup on his face and neck.
Silent panel.
PANEL 4: Guy has dived onto the burning man and is using his shirt to smother the flames.
3. RAIN: Stop him.
PANEL 5: Nerrik shoots Guy with a phaser-type weapon, and the impact knocks Guy away from the burning man.
Silent panel.
PANEL 6: Guy is lying unconscious, and a couple of flickers of flame are still burning on the man’s body. Rain is pointing to the catwalk.
4. RAIN: There might be more of them up there. Search the whole temple.

PANEL 1: The unconscious Guy is in the foreground, and Sojin is gazing down on him.
Silent panel.
PANEL 2: Rain and Nerrik move close to Sojin, looking down at Guy.
1. RAIN: An outworlder.
2. NERRIK: Probably with the police. They probably brought in a savage to do their dirty work.

PANEL 3: On the catwalk above, two of the temple members who have climbed up to the catwalk come into view in the background as Arisia, who is in the foreground, continues to talk on her phone.
3. ARISIA: Two of the temple members have seen me and are coming for me. They’re going to take away my phone. Hurry.

PANEL 4: Arisia stands up and addresses the two men who are running toward her.
4. ARISIA: You’re too late. I’ve told the police everything. They’re on their way.

PANEL 5. Arisia struggles with one man, who is trying to take her phone away, and the phone slips from her hand.
Silent panel.
PANEL 6: In the foreground, the phone strikes the floor of the auditorium, while in the background, Sojin continues to gaze down at the motionless Guy.

PANEL 1. The second temple member shows a phaser to Arisia.
1. SECOND TEMPLE MEMBER: Stop fighting and come down to the stage.

PANEL 2: Arisa is walking along the catwalk between the two temple members. The one behind her is holding a phaser on her.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: On the stage, a temple member is hoisting the groggy Guy to his feet, and Sojin is helping.
2. SOJIN: Maybe Nerrik and I should take them to the First Redoubt.

PANEL 4: Nerrik sees Arisia descending the ladder from the catwalk with the two temple members and grows agitated.
3. NERRIK: Professor Rrab. What are you doing here?

PANEL 5: The two temple members are approaching with Arisia.
4. FIRST TEMPLE MEMBER: She called the police. They’ll be here soon.
5. NERRIK: Professor Rrab, why did you lie about me?

PANEL 6: Favoring Rain.
6. RAIN: Yes. Sojin, you and Nerrik take them to the First Redoubt. I’ll be there as soon as I can get rid of the police. That might take a while.
7. NERRIK: Professor Rrab, are you crazy? Is it because I wasn’t interested in you?

PANEL 1: Rain, furious, whirls and slaps Nerrik.
1. RAIN: Be quiet.

PANEL 2: Close on the embarrassed Nerrik.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Five more temple members are approaching.
2. RAIN: Get word to the gates to delay the police for as long as possible. Take this body to the incinerator. And scrub the stage down.

PANEL 4: Nerrik, Sojin, Arisia and Guy move away. They’re accompanied by a temple member who is holding a phaser on Arisia and another who is helping the unsteady Guy to walk. Rain calls out after them.
3. RAIN: Keep them in separate quarters. Don’t let them talk to each other alone. And don’t interrogate them. I’ll do that when I get there.

PANEL 5: The party that is taking Guy and Arisia away is entering a doorway at the side of the auditorium. Rain calls out after them.
4. RAIN: This is all your fault, Nerrik.

PANEL 6: Two more temple members approach Rain.
5. RAIN: Just do what we practiced in case we were ever searched. Wipe the computers first.

PANEL 1: The group that is leaving the temple is now inside an elevator.
1. NERRIK (looking at Arisia): This woman is insane and dangerous. I want handcuffs on her and this man as soon as possible.

PANEL 2: The group is leaving the elevator and stepping into a tunnel, in which a vehicle is parked.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: The vehicle has three rows of seats that hold two people each. The group is sitting inside, with Sojin driving.
3. NERRIK: Professor Rrab, you may have destroyed everything my father has worked so hard to achieve.

PANEL 4: The vehicle is moving through the tunnel.
4. ARISIA: Including burning people alive.
5. NERRIK: You don’t know anything, you fool.

PANEL 5: The group is exiting the vehicle in front of another elevator.
6. ARISIA: It looks as if your father built an escape route long ago. How far are we from the temple grounds now? About six blocks?

PANEL 6: The group has boarded the elevator, and Sojin is moving a finger toward the control pad.
7. FIRST TEMPLE MEMBER: Stop on the sixth floor. I have some handcuffs in the supply closet.

PANEL 1: The group is emerging from a doorway on the roof, where a helicopter sits. Guy and Arisia’s hands are cuffed behind them.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: Guy, Arisia, Sojin and Nerrik are getting into the helicopter. Sojin is going to fly it. The two temple members are putting Guy and Arisia in the back seats.
1. SOJIN: Don’t go back to the temple, and don’t go home either. Get a motel room and wait for father to contact you.

PANEL 3: From a view above, the helicopter can be seen rising and leaving the two temple members standing on the roof. In the distance, police and emergency vehicles are surrounding the temple grounds.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: Inside the helicopter, Guy is looking more lucid.
3. GUY: Don’t start feeling frisky with Arisia again, junior boy. There’s a man here who’s watching you.

PANEL 5: Nerrik turns around to face Guy, brandishing his phaser.
4. NERRIK: Do you want to go back to sleep?
5. SOJIN: Stop it, Nerrik. You’ve caused enough problems.

PANEL 6: Long shot of the helicopter, which is moving low over the city.
6. SOJIN (from inside the copter): Father is upset enough with you now.

PANEL 1: Inside the copter, favoring Guy and Arisia.
1. NERRIK: My father knows about the cloaked rings you two are wearing. They’re weapons, aren’t they? How dare you bring them into the temple?
2. ARISIA: Flying low to avoid radar. You planned an escape thoroughly didn’t you? That’s not what law-abiding people do.

PANEL 2: Favoring Sojin and Nerrik.
3. NERRIK: The tellers of the truth have always been persecuted.
4. GUY: May I ask where you’re taking us, Sojin?

PANEL 3: Long shot on the helicopter, which is moving across a forested landscape.
5. SOJIN (from inside the copter): Someplace safe, Mr. Veek.

PANEL 4: Inside the copter.
6. NERRIK: Father was able to deactivate your rings, wasn’t he? And he’s going to remove them when he gets to the First Redoubt. You should never have meddled with him.
7. ARISIA: We’re headed west. It looks like toward the Vastov Territory.

PANEL 5: Favoring Arisia. who is glaring at Nerrik.
8. GUY: What’s that?
9. ARISIA: It’s a place we shouldn’t be going. The police know that I was inside the temple grounds, Nerrik. You two will never have another day of peace.

PANEL 6: Favoring Sojin, who looks worried. Guy is gazing at her.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: The sun is now rising, and the helicopter is flying over a snowy and rugged landscape.
1. ARISIA: Yes, this the Vastov Territory.

PANEL 2: Favoring Arisia.
2. ARISIA (looking at Guy): By treaty, this place is set aside for the Vastovs. We’re not supposed to enter. There’s one of them down there.

PANEL 3: The view is from the ground level, as a Vastov is looking up at the passing helicopter. It looks like an upright, human-sized ant, with long, jagged mandibles. It’s wearing animal skins, including a hood. On its back is a quiver from which arrows protrude. A bow is slung across its torso.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: Favoring Guy and Arisia.
3. ARISIA: They hunt game during the day and stay in underground hives at night. They’re cold adapted but even they can’t survive a night outdoors here. The animals sleep in burrows or huddle together all night.

PANEL 5: Favoring Guy.
4. GUY: So your father has a vacation getaway here, Sojin?
5. SOJIN: My father has two quarters in the Territory. He reached an agreement with the Vastovs by coming here once a week to treat their injuries.

PANEL 6: Favoring Sojin.
6. SOJIN: They pay for his services with the precious gems they find when they build their tunnels.
7. ARISIA: Your father has no right to negotiate with the Vastovs or even to contact them.

PANEL 1: Nerrik is perturbed.
1. NERRIK: Why are you telling them this, Sojin?
2. SOJIN: Why don’t you try to get a woman the right way, Nerrik?

PANEL 2: Favoring Nerrik and Sojin. Nerrik is glaring at Sojin.
3. SOJIN: It would be a mistake to think that the Vastovs care about their individual lives, Mr. Veek. They don’t. They just think it’s a waste to feed and house incapacitated workers. Ahead there you can see entrance of one of their hives.

PANEL 3: Below is a large pile of rocks at the top of a gorge. There’s a triangular entrance at the top of the pile, and a plate set that’s used to cover the opening. At the bottom of the gorge are many corpses of Vastovs, partly obscured by snow.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: Inside the helicopter.
4. SOJIN: At night after the others have gone inside, the Vastov who is the least physically fit covers the entrance with that plate and seals it. Then it freezes to death overnight. In the morning, the first ones to come out roll its body into the gorge.

PANEL 5: Favoring Guy.
5. NERRIK: Where are you from, Mr. Veek?
6. GUY: I’m from the planet Baltimore.

PANEL 6: Favoring Sojin, who looks intrigued.
7. NERRIK: And what’s your real name?
8. GUY: It’s Pudding of Tame. Ask me again and I’ll tell you the same.

PANEL 1: The view is from ground level as the helicopter is approaching a group of about ten Vastovs who are trudging through the snow.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: Inside the helicopter.
1. NERRIK: What brings you to Graxos IV, Mr Tame?
2. GUY: The fame of your good father has spread far. On all worlds they know of him, and in all tongues they praise him.

PANEL 3: Close on Nerrik, who is brandishing the phaser..
3. NERRIK: He’ll test the sincerity of your words soon enough, sir.

PANEL 4: The helicopter is approaching a one-story building about the size of a high school with a helipad on its roof.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: Inside the copter, as Sojin is landing the craft.
4. SOJIN: We couldn’t make it to the Second Redoubt. Father puts enough fuel in the helicopters to reach the First Redoubt, and he keeps the key to the fuel depot here. And the phones in the First Redoubt will only contact him.

PANEL 6: Favoring Guy.
5. GUY: He thinks of everything to keep people under control, doesn’t he?

PANEL 1: The group is running from the helicopter toward a closed doorway. They’re huddled over from the cold.
1. SOJIN: It’ll be warm inside.

PANEL 2: Sojin, Guy and Arisia are approaching an elevator as Nerrik closes the door behind them.
2. SOJIN: We have an agreement with the Vastovs, but we keep this place securely locked, and the fence around the perimeter is electrified. You really can’t trust them.
3. GUY: They sound like humans.

PANEL 3: In a place that looks like a comfortable living room, Nerrik is talking on a landline that’s build into a wall, and Sojin is addressing Guy and Arisia.
4. NERRIK: Father, the time is 27:17, and we’ve arrived safely.
5. SOJIN: We keep it a little above freezing here when it’s unoccupied, but I just turned on the heat. There’s a closet over there with plenty of warm clothes.

PANEL 4: Nerrik has hung up the phone and is approaching them.
6. GUY: Are you going to take these handcuffs off of us?

PANEL 5: Sojin shoots Nerrik with her phaser, startling Guy and Arisia.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6. Nerrik is lying on the floor, and Sojin is unlocking Guy’s handcuffs.
7. SOJIN: I had to wait for him to leave that message before I could do that.

PANEL 1: Guy is rubbing his wrist as Sojin unlocks Arisia’s handcuffs.
1. SOJIN: Mr. Tame, could you put your handcuffs on Nerrik?
2. GUY: I’ll be delighted to. And my name is Guy Gardner, but you can call me Guy.

PANEL 2: Favoring Guy as he’s putting his handcuffs on Nerrik.
3. ARISIA: What do you plan to do when your father gets here?

PANEL 3: Concentrate on Sojin.
4. SOJIN: We’re going to leave a few hours before dawn and fly until we’re out of fuel. Then we’re going to walk the rest of the way to the Second Redoubt. There are radios there that we can call the police with.

PANEL 4: Favoring Arisia.
5. ARISIA: Can we make it there before night?
6. SOJIN: No. It’ll take us about two days of walking. But we can use our phasers to heat rocks at night and protect us from the Vastovs.

PANEL 5: Concentrate on Guy, who is now standing up.
7. GUY: What if your father catches up with us before we get there?

PANEL 6: Sojin moves closer to Guy.
8. SOJIN: Then he’ll kill us.

PANEL 1: Arisia comes close to Sojin, who is looking at Guy.
1. ARISIA: When did you turn against your father?
2. SOJIN: A long time ago. And you saw one of the things I had to pretend to go along with.

PANEL 2: Sojin is looking down.
3. GUY: It must have been horrible.

PANEL 3: Sojin is starting to cry.
4. SOJIN: I’ll tell you more about it later. I’m not ready to yet.

PANEL 4: Favoring Nerrik.
5. GUY: What’s his problem?

PANEL 5: Favoring Arisia, who is looking at Nerrik.
6. SOJIN: He tried to do what father did. He tried to bend the forbidden forces to his desires. But he was too weak, and his mind snapped. I’m sorry, Professor Rrab.

PANEL 6: Sojin hugs Guy, distraught.
7. ARISIA: It wasn’t your fault.

PANEL 1: Guy, Arisia, Sojin and Nerrik are standing in the doorway of a bedroom. Guy, who has washed away the makeup he was wearing, is holding the groggy Nerrik by his collar.
1. SOJIN: You two can sleep here, Guy. There are warm nightclothes in the dresser.
2. GUY: Well… Arisia isn’t my girlfriend.

PANEL 2: Sojin looks surprised.
1. SOJIN: Oh. I shouldn’t have assumed. Well, Arisia can stay across the hall. Would you mind taking Nerrik into the room down the hall to the room where the door is open and putting him under the covers?

PANEL 3: Arisia and Sojin are in one of the bedrooms, and Arisia is looking into the opened drawer of a dresser.
2. SOJIN: The nightclothes in there should fit you. May I ask what your relationship with Guy is?
3. ARISIA: We work together.

PANEL 4: Arisia his holding up a nightshirt and looking at it.
4. ARISIA: I don’t have a claim on him.

PANEL 5: Arisia is now looking at Sojin.
5. ARISIA: We’ll get you out of this, if it’s possible.

PANEL 6: Close on Sojin.
6. SOJIN: Thank you, Arisia.

PANEL 1: It’s night. Arisia, wearing nightclothes, has opened the door to Guy’s room. He’s awake in bed and lying on his back, with his hand clasped behind his head.
1. ARISIA: Guy?
2. GUY: Yeah. Come in.

PANEL 2: Arisia is pulling up a chair to sit beside the bed.
3. ARISIA: I need to tell you something. Women of my planet have an unusual ability.

PANEL 3: Arisia is now sitting in the chair.
4. ARISIA: We can tell how much a man is interested in us.

PANEL 4: Guy is very surprised, and is now leaning on his forearm.
5. GUY: What?
6. ARISIA: And I know there’s something between you and Sojin.

PANEL 5: Guy looks embarrassed.
7. GUY: Well… I guess that gives Graxosian women a big advantage, doesn’t it?
8. ARISIA: Yes it does. It’s a big reason why we’re usually treated much better than human women are. Men can’t fool us about that.

PANEL 6: Guy has gone back to lying with his hands folded behind his head, and is looking at the ceiling.
9. GUY: You and Sojin know exactly how I feel?
10. ARISIA: Yes, we do.

PANEL 1: Close on Arisia.
1. ARISIA: So… just proceed with that in mind.

PANEL 2: Arisia has stood up.
2. ARISIA: And… I also know you were attracted to me when I was with Hal. But that you suppressed it.

PANEL 3: Close on Guy, who has covered his mouth with his hand, lost in thought.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: Arisia is moving away, and Guy is looking at her.
3. ARISIA: We had better get some sleep, Guy. We have to get up early.

PANEL 5: Arisia is in the hallway now. She’s glancing back toward the open doorway of Guy’s room.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: A long view of Arisia from behind as she walks down the dark hallway.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: Nerrik is lying on his stomach in a bed under the covers, with his hands cuffed behind him. He’s wide awake.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: Nerrik has rolled out of the bed and is standing up.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Nerrik is walking down the hallway.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: Nerrik has entered a darkened kitchen and is moving toward some drawers.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: Close on a drawer that Nerrik has backed up to and opened. He’s reaching for a pointed knife on the drawer.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: Nerrik is moving down the hallway, clutching the knife behind him.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: Nerrik is using his shoulder to push open the door of Arisia’s room. She’s in the bed asleep.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: Nerrik has moved to near Arisia’s bed and is gazing down at her..
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Nerrik has turned around and is facing Arisia, pointing the knife at her and preparing to fall back on her with it.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: Nerrik falls on her, and the knife gashes her arm.
1. ARISIA: Ahhh!

PANEL 5: Arisia flips Nerrik over and they fall to the floor.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: Arisia is struggling with Nerrik on the floor, and her blood is splashing on him.
2. ARISIA: Guy, help me.

SPLASH: Arisia has inserted her thumb and middle finger into Nerrik’s eyes, and is gouging them out. Blood is running from them.
CAPTION: To be continued...
Silent panel.




SPLASH: Guy bursts into Arisia’s room and sees Arisia holding her bleeding arm. Nerrik is writhing on the floor at her feet with blood welling from his eye sockets. The knife lies near him.
1. NERRIK: Aaaaaaaaa!
2. GUY: What happened?
3 ARISIA: He stabbed me.

PANEL 1: On Arisia, who is looking angrily at Nerrik.
1. ARISIA: And I defended myself.

PANEL 2: Guy takes Arisia’s arm and looks it as Sojin enters the room.
1. SOJIN: Oh no.
2. GUY: They’re both hurt. Do you have any bandages and disinfectants?

PANEL 3: Favoring Sojin, who is leaving the room as Guy is removing the sheet from the bed.
3. SOJIN: I’ll get them.

PANEL 4: Guy is holding Arisia’s shoulder and moving her toward the bed.
4. GUY: That should probably get stitches, but we can make do with bandages. Sit down.

PANEL 5: Arisia is sitting on the bed, and Guy is pressing a wad of sheet on the cut to restrain the bleeding.
5. ARISIA: He’s more hurt than I am.
6. GUY: Good.

PANEL 6: Sojin is entering the room carrying a box with a handle. It serves as a first-aid kit in this world.
7. SOJIN. Guy, can you take off his handcuffs?

PANEL 1: Favoring Arisia, who is looking at Guy. Guy is looking at her arm.
1. GUY: Just a second.

PANEL 2: Guy is now looking at the anguished Nerrik.
2. GUY: Be glad I didn’t get to you first, Nerrik.

PANEL 3: On Arisia and Guy, who are both looking at her arm.
3. ARISIA: I’ll be all right, Guy.

PANEL 4: A closer view of Arisia, as she suddenly looks up with a startled expression at Guy. He’s now gazing up at her face.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5. Guy looks embarrassed and starts to move away from her.
4. GUY: Just.... hold that on there.

PANEL 6: Guy is turning Nerrik over to remove the handcuffs, as Sojin is extending the keys toward him. Arisia is gazing at Guy and Nerrik.
5. NERRIK: Uh… uh.

PANEL 1. In the Deros Temple, Rain and TWO ASSOCIATES are striding through a corridor with TWO POLICE DETECTIVES.
1. FIRST DETECTIVE: Mr. Deros, the woman who your son is accused of assaulting made the report. And now we can’t locate her or your son. That’s what makes this urgent.

PANEL 2: Favoring Rain.
2. RAIN: That woman is mentally ill. My son is over 18 and completely harmless, and he lives in his own apartment. I don’t know where he is. I object to your men tearing up this facility and keeping me and many other people awake all night because of the rantings of a crazy woman. I’m asking you to leave right now.

PANEL 3: An angle from behind the four men.
3. FIRST DETECTIVE: We have a search warrant, and we’ll continue searching until we’re sure there’s no sign of her here.
4. RAIN: You do that and continue to waste public money, and meanwhile I’m going home, unless you’re arresting me.

PANEL 4: From the front, favoring the first detective.
5. FIRST DETECTIVE: You’re free to go, but don’t leave town.

PANEL 5: Rain and the two temple members have gotten inside an elevator whose door is closing. The detectives are standing in the hallway and watching them.
6. RAIN: You gentlemen enjoy the rest of your evening. Maybe you can sleep all day tomorrow at your desks. I can’t do that. I actually have to do productive things with my time and my resources.

PANEL 6: The elevator door has closed, leaving the detectives standing in the hallway.
7. FIRST DETECTIVE: What do you think about him?
8. SECOND DETECTIVE: I think I want to strangle him.

PANEL 1: A view from through the windshield of the same vehicle that Guy, Arisia and the other rode through the underground corridor. Rain and four temple members are inside. Rain is using his phone.
1.RAIN: They’re not answering.
2. FIRST TEMPLE MEMBER: Maybe they’re still asleep.

PANEL 2: Inside the vehicle, focusing on Rain
3. RAIN: Incoming calls ring loudly all over the First Redoubt. Something has happened.

PANEL 3. Rain and the four temple members are walking through a hallway.
4. RAIN: Hopefully I’ll be back before the police come again. If not, tell them you don’t know where I am.

PANEL 4: A view from behind the five men.
5. RAIN: All of you have done well. Apparently they haven’t found anything.

PANEL 5: It’s still dark. On the roof of the building where Rain keeps his helicopters, the five have come through the doorway and are approaching the remaining craft. Rain is carrying an automatic weapon. They’re wearing heavy blue clothing, with gloves and boots.
6. RAIN: I hope you understand why I have to kill Nerrik. He’s so weak that he’d confess under questioning.

PANEL 6: Two of temple members have now gotten inside the helicopter to accompany Rain on the flight. The third is standing beside Rain, who is about to board. and the fourth is in the background, moving back toward the doorway . Rain is talking to the third member and pointing toward the fourth.
7. RAIN: I was going to call you and tell you this, but I’ll tell you now. As soon as the police leave, sacrifice him. He was too chatty with the detectives.

PANEL 1: The sun is just starting to rise. Guy, Arisia, Sojin and Nerrik are walking across the roof toward the helicopter. They’re dressed in heavy blue clothing that rain and temple members had dressed in. Nerrik has circular bandages over his eyes and another one atop them that’s tied around his head. His hands are cuffed behind him. Guy is leading him by the arm.
1. NERRIK: After my father heals me, he’ll turn you over to me.

PANEL 2: The copter’s doors are open. Arisia is going to ride up front with Sojin, and Guy is getting in the back seat with Nerrik.
2. SOJIN: We have enough fuel to last about three hours. We’ll fly as far as we can. and after that we’ll walk until it gets too cold to go on. Then we’ll camp.

PANEL 3. Favoring Nerrik. They’ve taken their seats inside the copter.
3. NERRIK: Why are you doing this, Sojin? What’s happened to you?

PANEL 4: The copter is rising.
3. GUY: Sojin, do you have a rag up there? Like maybe something you wipe the windshield with?

PANEL 5: The copter is now high above the landscape, and Sojin is handing Guy a rag.
4. GUY: Thank you.

PANEL 6: Guy is stuffing the rag into Nerrik’s mouth as Arisia and Sojin look on, startled.
5. NERRIK: Uh!

PANEL 1: It’s now daylight. A view from inside the copter shows that it’s flying over snowy terrain. A line of Vastovs is walking along below.
1. ARISIA: I really don’t like those things.
2. SOJIN: They don’t like us either, Guy. They might interact positively with you if they think some gain is possible from it, but they don’t care about your life any more than they care about their own. Their behavior is about the hive and nothing else. And they’re unbelievably strong.

PANEL 2: Taking in Guy and Nerrik. The rag is stiff stuffed into Nerrik’s mouth.
3. GUY: Are there a lot of hives out here?
4. SOJIN: Yes, but they’ve never been mapped. Sometimes the hives fight over land and resources, but they prefer to avoid each other until the young queens grow up and leave the hive to mate with drones from other hives. The hives are lit by florescent algae on the walls that the Vastovs cultivate.

PANEL 3: Favoring Arisia.
5. ARISIA: How much fuel is left?
6. SOJIN: I was just going to say that we have enough to get past that group and then I’ll have to set it down.

PANEL 4 The helicopter is descending.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: The helicopter has landed, and the view is from inside the vehicle.
7. SOJIN: We don’t have time to eat. We’ve got to walk as far as we can before dark. We’ll eat tonight.

PANEL 6: They’ve gotten out of the copter, and Guy, Arisia and Sojin are putting on backpacks.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: Long shot, as the four of them trudging ahead. The helicopter is a good distance behind them.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: The group is climbing up a ridge. Nerrik is in the lead, and Guy is holding one of his arms and guiding him. The rag is no longer in Nerrik’s mouth.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: The group is walking across a frozen lake. The orange sun is high in the sky.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: The sun is much lower in the sky now. The group is approaching a rocky descent.
1. SOJIN: We should try to find the best shelter we can down this bank. A lot less wind will get to us down here.

PANEL 5: The group is entering a niche in the rocks that will hold all of them. It’s getting dark now.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: It’s night, and they’re sitting inside the niche. Arisia is using her phaser to heat a rock. Guy is holding some canned food.
2. GUY: Don’t tell me what this is. I don’t want to know.

PANEL 1: It’s night, and Rain’s helicopter is landing on the roof of the First Redoubt.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: Rain and the two temple members are running from the helicopter toward the doorway.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Rain and the two temple members have entered the room where Nerrik attacked Arisia.
1. RAIN: That’s blood.

PANEL 4: Rain is kneeling beside the blood on the floor and extending his hand above it.
2. RAIN: Some of it came from the professor, but most is from Nerrik.

PANEL 5: Close-up on Rain.
3. RAIN: He stabbed her, and then she gouged his eyes out.

PANEL 6: Rain has stood up and is moving toward the doorway.
4. RAIN: Refuel the helicopter before it gets any colder. We’ll leave at dawn. It’s been 48 hours since any of us have slept, so let’s get to bed as soon as we can.

PANEL 1: It’s dark, and the rock is glowing red from heat and is lighting the rocky niche. They’re getting ready to sleep, and Guy is easing Nerrik down so he’ll be sleeping on his side with his back to Guy. Nerrik’s hands are still cuffed behind him.

1. GUY: Any trouble out of you tonight and I’ll leave you in the wilderness tomorrow.

PANEL 2: All of them are settling in. They’re going to sleep on their sides. From right to left, Nerrik is on one end with his back to Guy, Guy is facing toward Arisia, Arisia has her back to Guy and is facing Sojin, and Sojin is on the other end facing Arisia. Guy has his hand on his stomach.
2. GUY: I don’t think I’ve seen the last of whatever was in those cans.

PANEL 3: Favoring Sojin.
3. SOJIN: Outworlders often have difficulty with Graxosian food. Where are you from, Guy? I think I’d like to visit there.

PANEL 4: Favoring Guy and Arisia.
4. GUY: It’s a planet called Earth. It’s not a place I can truthfully speak well of.

PANEL 5: It’s later, and the glow from the rock has dimmed. All of them are asleep.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: Sojin has opened her eyes and is looking at Guy and Arisia.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: The sun is rising. Rain and the two temple members have left the building and are walking across the grounds toward the First Redoubt’s perimeter fence.
1. FIRST TEMPLE MEMBER: Sir, I’m sorry I argued with you about killing Nerrik. You know how long I’ve been his friend.

PANEL 2: They’re now standing near the fence. The first temple member is the closest to it.
2. RAIN: Your first loyalty should have been to me, not to Nerrik. You know the penalty for resisting my orders.

PANEL 3: Favoring Rain.
3. RAIN: Touch the fence.

PANEL 4: The first temple member touches the fence and begins to be electrocuted.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: The body drops to the ground, smoldering.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6. Rain is walking back toward the building while the second temple member gazes at the corpse.
4. RAIN: I’m going to shut off the current to the fence. Put the body on the other side for the Vastovs. They’ll appreciate the gift.

PANEL 1: Guy, Nerrik, Arisia and Sojin have left the niche where they slept and are descending the bank. Nerrik is in the lead and Guy is holding his arm.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: They’re moving across a flat stretch of terrain.
1. SOJIN: Do you really prefer Graxsos IV to Earth, Guy? Even after all this?
2. GUY: Yes I do. This isn’t normal for your world.

PANEL 3: Favoring Sojin.
3. SOJIN: I have no idea what normal is.

PANEL 4: Favoring Guy.
4. GUY: Arisia and I will help you find out.

PANEL 5: Favoring Sojin.
5. SOJIN: I already like normal very much.

PANEL 6: Four shot.
6. GUY: I’m not exactly normal, even by Earth standards. But I’ll try to be more that way.
7. ARISIA: You’re fine the way you are, Guy.


PANEL 1: The helicopter Rain is riding in is circling the copter that the fleeing party left behind.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: A view inside Rain’s copter. He’s sitting up front beside the pilot.
1. RAIN: We have to land and remove any evidence from it.

PANEL 3: Now inside the other helicopter on the ground, Rain is using a rag and the temple member is using a hand-held vacuum to remove evidence. Their landed copter is visible through the windows.
2. RAIN: I doubt the police will come here and find it, but we can’t been too careful.

PANEL 4: Close on Rain.
3. RAIN: He was your friend. Does it bother you that I made him touch the fence?

PANEL 5: Favoring the temple member.
4. TEMPLE MEMBER: It bothers me, but you did what you had to do.

PANEL 6: Favoring Rain.
5. RAIN: Sojin must have helped them escape and flown them here. That’s only explanation for this. Will it bother you when I kill her too?
6. TEMPLE MEMBER: If it won’t bother you then it won’t bother me.

PANEL 1: The party is walking along a mountain ledge that’s about thirty feet across. It leads to an incline that isn’t verticle but is steep. The canyon below is very large. The view is from above, looking over the shoulders of three Vastovs who are hiding behind boulders and looking down at the party.
1. SOJIN: If you see two Vastovs holding their heads together, they’re communicating. They also use body language.

PANEL 2: Half a dozen Vastovs are leaping down on them, and more are visible above. Two have already wrapped their arms around Arisia and Sojun.
2. SOJIN: Oh!

PANEL 3: The creatures are pulling the phasers out of Arisia and Sojin’s coat pockets.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: Guy is drawing his phaser and stumbling toward the ledge as he’s struggling with a Vastov.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: Guy’s phaser slips from his hand in the struggle.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: Guy pulls away from the Vastov but falls down the long incline.
Silent panel.


PANEL 1: Half a dozen Vastovs are firing arrows at Guy, who is bouncing down the incline.
1. ARISIA: Guy!

PANEL 2: A view from above as Guy is sliding over a ridge far below and moving out of sight of the others. Arrows that they’ve shot at him are embedded in the incline.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Arisia, Sojin and Nerrik are each being hoisted by a Vastov.
2. ARISIA: Guy, no.

PANEL 4: The Vastovs begin moving away in a line. They’re holding Arisia, Sojin and Nerrik above their heads with their upper arms, with two Vastovs carrying each captive.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: One of the Vastovs who is behind the others and is still at the ledge is bending down to pick something up.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: Close on the Vastov’s hand. It’s holding Guy’s phaser.
Silent panel.


PANEL 1: A long shot of the line of Vastovs as it approaches a large mound of neatly piled rocks that stands at the edge of a canyon. The entrance is a triangular opening in the side of the pile.
1. Silent panel.

PANEL 2: A view from inside the rock pile as the Vastovs are entering with the captives. The florescent algae on the walls give everything a greenish tinge. The Vastovs are approaching a triangular hole in the floor that’s about twenty feet long on each side.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Inside the vertical tunnel, the Vastovs are crawling downward head-first, grasping notches cut in the walls. Three Vastovs are carrying the captives down, holding them with their middle arms so that the captives are descending feet-first.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: The Vastovs have reached a horizontal tunnel, which is again triangular, and now are again walking upright and carrying the captives above their heads.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: The Vastovs are exiting the tunnel and entering a vast triangular chamber. Their white pupae are hanging from the ceiling.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: The Vastovs are pushing the captives inside a small triangular chamber. Sojin is helping Nerrik along.
1. NERRIK: Are we inside a hive?
2. SOJIN: Yes.

PANEL 1: The captives are sitting on the floor of the chamber. A Vastov is walking past the doorway, carrying a large mortar bowl filled with a soft substance.
1. NERRIK: What’s that smell?
2. SOJIN: It’s the caulk they use to seal the hive door. It gets hard in the cold and then gets soft when the temperature rises.

PANEL 2. On Nerrik.
3. NERRIK: Father never took me into the hives. He took you because he trusted you.

PANEL 3: Three Vastovs have entered the room. One of them is dropping three phasers on the floor.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: The Vastov is gesturing, as if it’s trying to communicate.
4. ARISIA: What does it want?

PANEL 5. Taking in the Vastovs and the three captives.
5. SOJIN: I don’t know. Maybe it’s in the market for phasers.

PANEL 6: On Arisia, who is gazing down at the three phasers.
6. ARISIA: They got Guy’s phaser too. Even if he’s alive out there, he has no way to keep warm.

PANEL 1: In the topmost chamber that the captives were brought through, three Vastovs are rolling a large boulder toward the doorway.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: In a view from outside through the hive’s entrance, the boulder can be seen rolling into place.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Pulling back to take in a Vastov who is standing outside the hive with the bowl of caulk. The boulder has settled into place in the doorway.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: The Vastov is using its hand to spread the caulk around the edges of the boulder, sealing the cracks.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: The Vastov has sealed the cracks now and is setting the bowl down before the hive’s entrance.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: The Vastov is now standing at attention outside the hive.
Silent panel.

PANEL 1: The sun is setting on the Vastov lands, and snow is starting to fall. From a distance far enough away that the figure is unrecognizable, a person in blue can be seen trudging through the snow. All the views of the person on this page are from the front.
Silent panel.

PANEL 2: A view close enough that the reader can now discern that this is Guy. He looks in a bad way. He’s following the trail that the Vastovs left in the snow.
Silent panel.

PANEL 3: Guy bends down as the wind whips the snow up around him.
Silent panel.

PANEL 4: On Guy's face. He's in much distress,
Silent panel.

PANEL 5: The wind has died down, and Guy has straightened up again and is trudging ahead.
Silent panel.

PANEL 5. On Guy’s feet. It can be seen for the first time that he’s dripping blood in the snow behind him.
Silent panel.

PANEL 6: Guy can’t walk any farther and is starting to collapse.
Silent panel.

SPLASH: It’s dark now, and the snow is falling heavier. Guy is down. This is the first view we’ve gotten a view from behind Guy, and it reveals that there are two arrows in his back. He’s lying face-down in the snow and is motionless. About thirty feet ahead of him is the entrance of the hive. The Vastov who has sealed the hive shut has collapsed in the cold and is also lying in the snow. There’s more snow on the Vastov than there is on Guy.
CAPTION: To be concluded…
Silent panel

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